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Coventry University is aiming to promote safe sex by filming couples having intercourse. Three couples aged between 18 and 25 are going to be filmed having sex to show that stopping to put a condom on doesn't ruin the mood.

The films are being produced as part of Coventry University's Chance2Change Project, which is hoping to show those aged between 15 and 24 that condoms are an important part of healthy sex. However, the videos are only going to be available to view by those aged 18 and over.

Three couples are going to be filmed having intercourse in "natural settings", including a car and a student room. Each couple will pause things to put on a condom, showing that this small act doesn't totally ruin the romance and passion.

Dr Katie Newby, the lead on the project, said that the videos will be tastefully shot and will show that sex with a condom is still fun and sexy. She told the Telegraph that the films will form part of an initiative by the Chance2Change Project called Wrapped.

Each of the films will feature a real couple in a loving and consensual relationship, which will add a real edge to them that adverts and sexual education videos often miss.

The Wrapped service is going to be available to those who order chlamydia self-testing kits from selected websites. Details they enter, such as their age, will determine what aspects of the initiative they are able to access.

Dr Newby told the news provider: “We applied for funding to develop this piece of work for that age group and wanted to partner up with a company offering self-testing to young people.

“They have to fill in details about themselves, like age, gender, where they live to make sure they’re eligible, to request it.

“They then are invited to access our piece of work. This particular piece of work has six different components. They will get one to six depending on what they self-identified.”

Other services available as part of Wrapped include free condom samples so people can find what they like best, as well as being able to order their preferred condom for up to a year.