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If you're looking for something to spice up your antics in the bedroom, a Russian company may have created the perfect thing for you. A company called Ural has developed a condom that not only offers protection, it also provides a small electric current designed to introduce a spark to your sex life, reports the Daily Star.

According to the company, which is based in St Petersburg, the condom features a conductive coating and a small battery. Users can press a small button on the condom, which triggers a 3.5-volt current across it, designed to offer pleasure to both parties.

The condoms are single use, so you dispose of them as you would standard ones. However, the difference is reflected in the price, with the manufacturer stating that it will be twice as expensive as standard condoms. With the promise that this electric condom will more than double the pleasure, it could make the extra cost worth it.

According to the inventor, the amount of voltage that passes through the condom is just enough to enhance pleasure during sex but not enough to result in pain, which is good news for those who aren't into a certain level of kink in the bedroom.

The electric condom is inspired by homemade electric sex aids that were created during the Soviet era, according to Yuri Kleimenov, the deputy director of Ural.

He said: "In the Soviet times some people were trying to add a spark in their intimate relationship and would connect themselves to a radio socket, batteries or other sources of low-voltage electric current.

"We simply couldn't pass on people's aspirations."

The condom could offer the perfect option for those wanting more excitement but still want to ensure they are protected against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If the idea of a battery in an intimate area isn't quite for you, Ural has also created a graphite fibre coating that creates a similar current that is stimulated by movements during sex. This means you get a similar result but without the bother of a battery.

Would you consider using a condom that offered a bit of a shock?