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A new device is aiming to help the busy man avoid the need to go to the toilet. Designed to offer relief during long journeys or hectic lifestyles, the HeWee Go Active is designed to be similar to a condom that can be worn all day so as to collect urine.

The device includes a reusable urine bag that looks similar to a jock strap. This gets worn around the waist for comfort and support. You then insert your penis into a condom-like sheath, with the device including three different sizes - 30,25 and 40mm.

Once on, you're able to urinate directly into the condom, which is connected via a small tube to a bag. The bag is tear resistant and washable for peace of mind and so you can use it every day. It holds almost a pint of liquid, making it ideal if you know you're not going to be anywhere near a toilet for a while.

The urine collection bag can be strapped to your leg or thigh, with a flexible tube connecting it to the sheath. The flexibility of bag placement ensures you can hide the device depending on the trousers you are wearing.

With a support belt to hold it in place, it fits men with a waist up to 40 inches. However, a ten-inch extension strap is also available for those with a larger waist.

A spokesperson for the company behind the device said: "The HeWee Go Active fits securely onto the wearer and, unlike medical urination systems, can be washed and reused again and again."

Not only is this a useful device for those who are very busy, it could help to avoid embarrassment for men win incontinence problems, as they won't need to constantly go to the toilet and are able to avoid accidents.

The HeWee Go Active is due to become widely available later this year.