New condom to see more men practice safe sex?

More men may start practicing safe sex in the future as the release of an erection-enhancing condom nears.

British biotech company Futura Medical is close to receiving approval for the distribution of the product and Durex is set to market it in Europe, the Independent reports.

The prophylactic will be coated with a vasodilator gel on the inside that will be able to increase blood flow, which in turn will bring a longer-lasting erection.

Dubbed the Viagra condom, it may prove popular with those who currently have problems with maintaining their performance while using protection.

This may also bring about an increase in the number of people looking to have protected intercourse - a process that lowers the chances of sexually transmitted infections being spread.

According to Futura, the condom has been developed for healthy men and is going to help males achieve a firmer erection thanks to the release of an erectogenic compound.