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If you thought the TV show Naked Attraction was the most in-your-face thing you'll ever see on the box, then you might want to think again.

Always keen to push the boundaries and attempt to encourage people to have sex on live TV, producers in France have created a new dating programme that sees couples hop into bed for a romp first - and then decide if they want an actual date based on that encounter.

The idea is geared towards the Tinder generation, with TV execs assuming that Millennials want to cut down on all the boring stuff before they get to the chase - you know, like actually talking to each other, working out if they're compatible and even deciding if they like one another.

'Making Love' was launched at the TV convention MIPCOM, where producers pitch their big ideas and hope they will hit the big time.

Although this particular programme was made in France, the contestants for the pilot were British.

Each show would see couples go into the bedroom, where cameras capture their every move before pulling away at the last minute.

Couples can then go into the bathroom, where there are more cameras a la Big Brother's Diary Room, to discuss what the sex was like and whether they're interested in the other person any longer.

"We will follow the daters over the next few weeks to see if the pair remain friends-with-benefits only or will they choose to get to know each other and start a relationship," the producers said.

Hopefully, the dating show is going to be responsible and provide condoms for the contestants.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 is going down a more traditional route to launch a new show called Flirty Dancing.

This will see couples not heading to bed, but instead going to an old-fashioned dance hall to recreate how previous generations would have met and fallen in love.

They are not allowed to talk to each other, but instead have to perform a dance they have been taught and see if this creates enough chemistry to make them fancy the other person.

Call us prudish, but we think we prefer that one!

However, the producers of Making Love may find they're in luck with the 'falling in love after sex' thing, especially for the women.

The feelgood hormone oxytocin is produced in very high levels in females after sex, which can break down emotional barriers and create a sense of comfort and bonding. Perhaps they might get a few second dates outside the bedroom, after all.