The new Durex ad - which sees a young couple meeting on a dance floor and then ending up in the bedroom before the screen fades out - has been described by its executive creative director as "quite gentle".

Speaking to the Guardian, Dave Price of McCann Erickson Manchester said the coy nature of the commercial has been aligned with a change within the condom manufacturer itself, as well as limitations placed on agencies by TV.

"The aim now is for Durex to equal great sex as the company's focus has shifted onto sexual enhancement products," he explained.

Mr Price went on to note that the brand has evolved, supporting its television campaign with online games, virals and mobile phone apps, moves that are "a sign of the times".

The Love Sex. Durex promotions are set to begin on November 25th, with brand manager Richard Smith recently telling the Drum it is the company's "best-ever" marketing solution.