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A new condom has hit the market that offers a bit more pleasure for ladies. Offering another benefit to using condoms for safe sex, the VA w.o.w Condom Feminine is more than just a standard form of protection as it has a vibrator attached to its base.

The vibrator contained by the female condom can be controlled via Bluetooth or wirelessly, allowing women to control their pleasure during intercourse while also being protected against pregnancy and STIs.

The condom is designed so that the bullet vibrator sits right against the clitoris, ensuring maximum pleasure throughout intercourse. This is the first condom to ever be designed with safety and pleasure for a woman combined so well.

According to the creators of the feminine condom, IXu, women seem to prefer using the device more than not using a condom at all. In a study test of 50 women, 70 per cent of participants orgasmed the first time they used the condom.

By the fourth usage, all 50 women involved in the study had an orgasm during intercourse.

The condom is still disposable, as with more traditional styles, offering high levels of safety. While the frame of the base sits against the clitoris, the condom itself is kept in place by a small sponge at the other end. This ensures that it is fully effective.

This is the biggest innovation in terms of female condoms since the release of the FC1. This condom - often referred to as the femidom - was made of polyurethane material, which made a loud sound during intercourse.

The new design could help to make feminine condoms more popular, helping women to be completely in charge of their protection during sex. It is also a lot more visually appealing than previous styles of feminine condoms, which could further increase its popularity.