New Google Glass app will make sex 'more awesome'

A new Google Glass app is set to offer partners a whole new perspective in the bedroom.

Sex with Glass will allow users to see what their other half is seeing during intercourse - which will, according to the creator, make sex "more awesome".

Live streaming, voice controls and video recording are all integrated into the app.

When the user is ready to swap to an alternative view, they simply need to say "Ok Glass, its time!" - whilst if you don't like what you see, say "Ok Glass, pull out".

Sherif Maktabi, creator of the project, said: "Having sex with Google Glass on brings a completely new perspective. Experience sex like never before."

The voice control software can respond to a user's request to dim the lights, change songs or even suggest ideas for different sexual positions.

Google haven't yet made a decision on whether they will accept the app into their system as of yet, according to Sherif.

The tech giant has previously been strict on sex-related applications.