A new sex toy has been created by a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven that serves as a piece of furniture. Bastiaan Buijs has designed an object that can be used for male masturbation but also displayed openly in the home.

The sex toy features a bright pink torso mounted on four legs that can be mounted like a vaulting horse. Mr Buijs' vision was to combat the idea of "a sad lonely man with a blow-up doll" by designing an item that doesn't need to be hidden away.

"I tried to change the idea and show the beauty of it," he told Dezeen. "It can be something beautiful, something we don't have to be ashamed of. It's something we all do, and many times enjoy. This is not something sad but something nice. So why put it away? Let's show it."

The toy - called the Satyr - has a torso that is created from medical grade silicone and features a bright pink colour. Its unusual and interesting shape was sculpted from clay by hand before being produced from silicone.

It requires the whole body to be used, which is different from a lot of sex toys designed for men. The vaulting horse style of the toy - which is what inspired its name as Satyr refers to horse creatures referenced in Greek mythology - creates a more intense experience than smaller sex toys.

The silicone form is designed to be similar to fleshlights, in that the soft material mimics the feel of sex with a woman when the penis is inserted. It contains a silicone cylinder in the base if the torso that is easy to remove for cleaning. The torso also contains a motor and 12-volt battery that causes the body to vibrate.

"I had the urge to create a new feeling, a new look and a new starting point," he told the news provider. "A sex toy for men that is completely different from the sex toys as we know."

This isn't the only unusual sex toy created by Mr Buijs, he also made a glass vibrator that is run on clockwork as part of his graduation project.