Image credit: British Condoms Image credit: British Condoms

A new smart condom has been designed to give you insight into your bedroom performance as well as help detect sexually transmitted diseases. The i.Con Smart Condom is the latest form of wearable technology but is a bit different from a fitness tracker that counts steps.

Designed and made in Britain, the i.Con is a small condom ring that won't hamper performance or cause discomfort. A Nano-Chip imbedded in the device will measure a number of things, including number of thrusts, how many calories you burnt, girth measurement and how long intercourse lasted.

This information will then be relayed to your phone via Bluetooth so you can keep an eye on the information. On top of this, the i.Con will also detect common STIs like chlamydia and syphilis, helping people to seek medical treatment as early as possible. This could help avoid further spread of STIs, especially as many of them do not present symptoms straight away.

Aaron Slater, the creator of the i.Con, said: “We knew we were on the cusp of creating something special with i.Con and bringing a new meaning to ‘wearable tech’, but being advocates of safe sex, we wanted something more and the addition of an STI indicator has certainly done that. With over 96,000 pre-registrations for the product, we know that this is a complete game changer.”

The addition of an STI indicator to the device has been praised, especially following research that shows they are on the rise in the UK. The i.Con device is currently undergoing the final stages of testing and is set to be released later this year.