New survey shows our sex toy preferences

A surprisingly large number of people use dildos, vibrators and other sexual aids in the bedroom. We might not admit it, but there's no shame in being a little bit naughty! However, because this is an area of our lives we like to keep to ourselves, not a lot is known about what Britons get up to in the bedroom.

Well, not until recently. Jon Millward, a man who lists his job title as "ideas detective", was hired by sex-toy supplier Lovehoney to analyse its sales data. He jumped at the chance to do so, and published his results on September 8th. What he found might surprise you!

For a start, both men and women are equally likely to buy a sexual aid. This is expected - after all, everyone enjoys a bit of fun in the bedroom irrelevant of their gender - but what they choose to buy is relatively unexpected.

The most popular items were counted as 'lube and essentials'. This category, which includes things like condoms, made up 22 per cent of sales. The next-most popular category, which might be surprising, was vibrators. These made up 18 per cent of sales just edging out lingerie at 12 per cent.

Looking at who is buying what is even more of a surprise. For example, it should be fairly obvious that the main market for male sex toys is single men. But that group also buys the most dildos, lubricant and anal sex toys! Meanwhile, men in a relationship are the most likely to purchase a cock ring.

It seems that men are the most adventurous when it comes to buying sexual aids. In fact, male shoppers were found to spend an average of £5.73 more than women on their products (the average spend was £35) and were more likely to choose the fastest delivery option (23 per cent of men, compared to 19 per cent of women).

I'm sure many people right now are either nodding their heads in agreement or wondering what they're missing out on. With so many products available for your pleasure, now might be the right time to give one (or more) a try!