New vibrating underwear product unveiled

Condom maker Durex Australia has come up with a way to help couples stay intimate with each other even when they are miles apart.

The hi-tech vibrating underwear product is controlled by a smartphone app and means people can 'touch' their partner via their smartphones.

Entitled Fundaware, the product sees small vibrating motors sewn into female lingerie and male underpants, with the movements of one person's finger on the phone's display determining the intensity of the buzzes the other person feels.

Tech director Ben Moir said the idea is something that many people will be keen to buy in to, adding: "Fundawear is a project about transferring touch across vast distances and that really is a first globally."

The project is currently in the experimental stage, but could prove to be the next step on from texting - where people send intimate pictures of themselves to their significant other - as couples look to stay close despite being in different places.