New York students to learn how to use a condom

Young people in New York are to be taught how to wear a condom in an effort to reduce teenage pregnancy levels and limit the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Public middle and high schools in the city will be required to teach sex education classes for the first time in nearly two decades - and the curriculum will include lesson regarding the appropriate age for sexual activity, the New York Times reports.

The introduction of the lessons is aimed primarily at black and Latino teens, as city statistics show these youngsters are more likely to have unplanned pregnancies than other demographics.

Linda Gibbs, deputy mayor for health and human services, said the issue is "obviously" something that applies to everyone, but added: "When we look at the biggest disadvantages that kids in our city face, it is blacks and Latinos that are most affected by the consequences of early sexual behaviour."

In July this year, same-sex marriages were legalised in New York for the first time - which could see gay condom purchases increase as a result.