Image credit: Bay County Jail Image credit: Bay County Jail

A man who had proposed to his girlfriend just hours before was arrested for stealing sex toys and edible underwear.

William Cornelius Junior took the plunge and asked his girlfriend Sheri Moore to marry him via the loudspeaker at Walmart in Bay City, Michigan, US on December 30th. Mr Cornelius reportedly bought an engagement ring for $29.62 (£20.33) from Walmart before using the tannoy system to ask the all important question.

CCTV shows Ms Moore saying yes to the proposal and other shoppers applauding the couple.

Unfortunately, just hours later the newly-engaged couple were arrested for shoplifting items, including a sex toy and edible thong, reports the Bay City Times. It seems that Mr Cornelius told police that he had stolen the items as gifts for his fiance.

According to police, the couple moved onto the local mall, where it seems they shoplifted a number of items. Ms Moore denied that a silver necklace and pair of gold earrings that she had on her person were stolen from Walmart earlier in the evening.

The couple were reported to police for suspicious activity, who attended the mall to look for them.

The news provider reported that Mr Cornelius was found asleep in the mall's food court. Upon searching him, the police recovered a vibrator, bride-to-be underwear, edible thong and BJ Blast oral sex candy from his person, all of which were stolen from a Spencer's Gift store. The worth of the items equated to around $80.

Mr Cornelius was charged with shoplifting but Ms Moore denied that she had stolen any items and instead blamed her fiance. The pair have since been released on bond with charges of retail fraud and larceny.

It seems that they were arrested for a similar incident in 2013, although there are no further details on previous offences.