NHS condom video deemed inappropriate

A series of short videos uploaded to YouTube by the NHS in a bid to encourage safe sex among young people in the UK has been criticised by visitors to the film-hosting site, with viewers flagging one of the clips as inappropriate.

This means that only those aged over 18 can watch the interactive video, part of a collection that has been modelled on teen drama Skins, the Daily Mail reports.

The films show a couple having unprotected sex in a number of positions, with a handheld camera recording all the action and have been promoted on the NHS website, while it is expected they will be used by teachers and circulated online virally.

Consequences of going without a condom featured in the clips include rejection by a partner and sexually transmitted infections.

Created by omniproductions, the films were designed primarily for those aged between 16 and 24, with the company saying it is meant to be "thought provoking and to engage with the target audience".