NHS Middlesbrough hands out free chlamydia tests

Free chlamydia test kits are to be given out in Middlesbrough as part of an initiative to highlight the importance of safe sex.

NHS Middlesbrough's Life Store is looking to raise awareness of the issue as part of National Contraceptive Awareness Week, which runs until tomorrow (February 18th).

Once people are educated about the condition, there is the chance that more of them may buy condoms online.

Lynne Blackburn, manager of the Life Store said: "Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the increase especially among young people. We aim to encourage more young people to make sure they practice safe sex."

Chlamydia can bring a whole host of medical problems if it is untreated, but it can stay symptomless for a long time.

Life Store is targeting people aged 25 and under as this is the age group most at risk from the STI.

It comes after Boston teenagers went to the city council chambers to demand more sex education programmes.