Nigerian school children 'need sex education'

Nigerian school children should be given sex education so they are aware of the dangers of unprotected intercourse and the need to use condoms.

This is according to Dr Ejike Oji, a reproductive health expert, who told the Daily Champion that individuals would end up with a better understanding of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections.

He added at the moment too many terminations are occurring because youngsters are not fully aware of the options open to them.

"There is the need to have post-abortion family planning to ensure that women who had [an] abortion before do not come back again," Dr Oji remarked.

The expert continued by saying that too many maternal deaths occur because the procedures are carried out in an unsafe manner.

Kris Wells and Maryanne Doherty from the University of Alberta recently told the Edmonton Sun that they also want to see sex education introduced to learning institutions.