No condoms allowed for Darwin music festival

Safe sex groups will not be allowed to hand out condoms at a music festival in Darwin, Australia.

The Bass in the Grass event gets underway on Saturday (May 21st) and the Australian Sex Party told ABC News that contraceptives will not be distributed at it.

Seranna Shutt, who is a member of the group, observed health groups who attend will have proper training and other festivals have had no problem with them being there.

"It would be very appropriate to have it available, considering the sexually transmitted infection rates in the Northern Territory are the highest in the nation," she added.

The Bass in the Grass is an all-ages concert, but Ms Shutt said there was no way heath officials would be targeting under-16s if they are given permission to hand out prophylactics.

Among the acts due to perform at it are DT3, Hayley Warner, British Indian and Unbroken Expanse.