'No condoms' for Clara Meadmore

Clara Meadmore has certainly had no need for glow in the dark condoms throughout her life, choosing to concentrate on her career as a secretary rather than find a man.

Described by the Daily Mail Britain's oldest virgin - she has just celebrated her 107th birthday - Ms Meadmore said she was too busy to maintain intimate sexual relationships, which seemed like "a lot of hassle".

Discussing her decision to remain chaste on her birthday back in 2008, she explained she was proud of being a virgin.

"People have asked whether I am a homosexual and the answer is no. I have just never been interested in or fancied having sex," Ms Meadmore remarked at the time.

She celebrated this year with a small party at her Perran Bay, Cornwall nursing home.

Meanwhile, comedian Russell Brand seems keen to practice safe sex, recently asking both the Pope and his own mother to forward some condoms while he was on holiday with Katy Perry in Memphis.