'No condoms' from The Wanted

JLS bringing out their own packs of condoms emblazoned with their handsome faces is the stuff of boy band legend, but fellow crooners The Wanted will not be following in their footsteps, news that could break many a lovesick teenager's hearts.

Speaking to the Metro, the handsome quintet shot down any hopes and dreams their fans may have been harbouring, with Tom Parker - the oldest of the lads at 22 - stating that they'll be sticking to mugs, socks "and stuff".

However, all may not yet be lost as, in spite of a stony glare from their manager, Parker did suggest bringing out The Wanted lingerie, which would no doubt prove just as popular as JLS's condoms range.

So fashionable are these Durex options at the moment that a recent Superdrug survey found that 15 per cent of teenagers would be more likely to purchase prophylactics if they sported snapshots of Aston, JB, Marvin and Oritse on the packaging. Hooray!