North-eastern Americans enjoy sex and use condoms

Individuals from the north-east of the US are the most likely to use condoms when having sex, newly-released research has found.

A study called the US Sex Census and carried out by Trojan discovered 43 per cent of those questioned in this area use the prophylactic when engaging in intercourse.

On a national level, north-easterners have the most sex - 2.3 times a week, while the south has the least at 2.1 times a week.

Some 76 per cent of respondents reported sexual satisfaction, while 63 per cent observed they would like to have more fornication.

Dr Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University - an institution that catered for 98,999 people in 2010 - noted: "Enormous variability ... exists in the sexual repertoires of US adults."

He continued by saying that the report unveiled the fact that "Americans demonstrate a high-comfort level in exploring with and learning from their partners".