Norwegians urged to participate in 'sex hour'

Norwegian men have been urged to wear condoms and take part in a designated hour of sex with a wiling partner.

RFSU - a non-profit sex education charity in the country - called on guys to forsake viewing the football European Championship game between Portugal and Czech Republic yesterday (June 21st) and instead get naughty between the bed sheets, Reuters reports.

The event was aimed at promoting the importance of safe sex and prompted males to bed their lover at 19:00 local time.

Sexologist at the organisation Sidsel Kloeew noted: "Our motto is sex is good, sex improves your health ... This is meant to be this year's most pleasant hour in Norway."

According to expert, the day was chosen because it was the longest day of the year and the likelihood of having sex increases when the sun is shining.

The charity came up with the idea after a study found Norwegians to be the most sexually active of all Scandinavians.