Older adults 'not aware of need to wear condoms'

Older people do not wear condoms as often as younger counterparts as they are not as aware of the health risks attached to failing to use protection.

This is according to Margaret Higham, medical director of the health service at Tufts University, who added a lot of individuals over 50 will not think about sexually transmitted infections, the Tufts Daily reports.

For those from that generation, there was not the same level of information made available to youths as those of today.

"They were not well understood, certainly there was little publicity about them. There was no HIV back then - that's a more recent phenomenon," Ms Higham remarked.

Last year's National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour found one-third of adolescents having sex frequently used condoms, a figure much higher than that recorded for those in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Precautions should be on the agenda for older men and women who are having carnal relations with multiple partners.