Older people 'need to have safe sex'

Children are having safer sex than their parents, one expert has claimed, which means older people may want to buy condoms.

Dunedin nurse and sex educator Alison Stewart-Piere told the women's health section of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation in Blenheim that sexually transmitted infections are becoming a problem with this generation, the Marlborough Times reports.

She added syphilis rates are on the up around the world in over-40s.

It comes after research by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research found a 193 per cent increase in the disease in the five years to 2009.

Ms Stewart-Piere remarked some males who already have anxieties about their performance may not want to wear condoms, but they should reconsider this.

"Older women perhaps relaxed their guard around sexual safety, because there was no longer the risk of getting pregnant," the news provider observed.

Deborah Bateson, medical director at Family Planning New South Wales, recently told ABC News that it is an issue in Australia as well.