One third of over 50s underwhelmed by sex life

More than a third of over 50s in the UK claim to be left underwhelmed by their sex life, according to a new survey.

The study also found that just 22 per cent are satisfied in the bedroom, while only around half were willing to talk to others about their problems.

A relationship charity known as Relate and the Mature Times newspaper carried out the survey, which questioned 2,000 people.

Barbara Bloomfield, a Relate counsellor, said: "It’s concerning that almost half the people we surveyed talk to no one about their sex lives, especially as many are dissatisfied in that department.

"It’s easy to assume that sex decreases as we age because we lose interest, but this survey shows that sex and intimacy do remain really important."

The study found that women were more willing to talk about problems with their sex life, with 54 per cent willing to do so compared to just 44 per cent of men.

Males, however, were twice as likely to research advice and information online as their female counterparts - with 19 per cent admitting they do.

But a total of 30 per cent of women do search for advice from other sources, while that number reaches 40 per cent for men.

Just 19 per cent revealed that they have sex at least once a week, while a third claimed that they either no longer make love, or do so just once a year.

On the other hand, four per cent of over 50s believe that making love was of the utmost importance.

But the majority (53 per cent) stated that the most important thing was to have a close, intimate relationship with their partner in which they could express their feelings for one another.

Mrs Bloomfield is named as the co-author of a new book titled The Mature Guide to Relationships, Love and Sex, which is set to offer advice to mature people

She said: "I hope the guide is the start of a lot more information and help for older couples."