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There are a lot of rules about sex when it comes to Orthodox Judaism and so you might not consider the religion open to the use of sex toys. However, a rabbi has developed a range of kosher sex toys, allowing conservative couples to add some spice to the bedroom.

Rabbi Natan Alexander has created a new website called BeBetter2Gether, which is aimed at providing ways for Orthodox Jewish couples to enjoy a more varied sex life. The site offers a range of kosher sex toys, as well as sexual advice.

He told AFP that talking about sex is still "taboo" among the orthodox community, so those looking for advice or help don't have many places they can turn to. However, Rabbi Alexander says that it doesn't need to be like this, especially as Judaism "gives an important place to sexual pleasure".

According to Rabbi Alexander, "giving pleasure to one's wife is a religious obligation" and so he is hoping that his pioneering website will enable Orthodox Jews to expand their sexuality with their partner.

The site offers a huge range of toys, each of which is kosher and so allowed to be used by those practicing the strict Orthodox religion.

Although the majority of sex toys on offer from any sex shop are actually classed as kosher, the packaging isn't. The images of scantily clad women or naked figures that are often displayed on sex toy packaging mean that Orthodox Jews are not permitted to buy them.

To counter this, Rabbi Alexander personally approves every product being offered and displayed on the site. His approval means that Orthodox couples know they can buy everything offered.

On top of this, he explains that all the products are allowed to be used by Orthodox Jews, as Jewish law allows the use of objects that can better help men bring pleasure to their wives.

The site has already proved popular among the Orthodox community, with international buyers purchasing toys and bedroom paraphernalia through it. Each month, the website receives around 20,000 hits, with purchases being made around five times a day.