1741The 2015 Academy Awards ceremony is over and the world is busy talking about the speeches, the fashion and who should or shouldn't have won. However, there's something interesting about the event that few people have noticed: the gift bags. This year, there were a few cheeky treats for the lucky celebs!

Every year, the Oscar nominees get a high-class goodie bag full of expensive treats; this year, the total cost of each bag was over $125,000 (around £80,000)! However, some of the items included were a bit more unusual that previous years. For example, 2015's nominees received two six-packs of luxury condoms.

Hopefully these came in handy for a bit of an post-Oscars celebration that night! However, the condoms were far from the most unusual present the celebrities received. Included in the gift bag was also an Afterglow PulseWave vibrator, one of the world's more unique sex toys.

The Afterglow doesn't just vibrate, it also makes use of light technology (the aforementioned PulseWave) in an attempt to bring customers to orgasm. With a price tag of $250, or around £160, this is definitely a sex toy for the rich and famous! It's also not the sort of thing you expect to find in a goody bag.

However, the weirdest item has to be the O-shot injection. This "vaginal rejuvenation procedure" involves having blood cells taken out of your body and re-injected into - you guessed it - your vagina.

This procedure supposedly relieves sexual problems and enhances orgasms, for anyone brave enough to try it! It seems the Oscar nominees this year will be able to have a fun time in the bedroom with all their new goodies.

Of course, the gift bags contain some items that aren't related to sex. The celebs have apparently received free, unlimited Audi hire for the entire year - an item worth around $20,000 - as well as a $14,500 luxury train journey through the Canadian Rockies.


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