Over-40s urged to use condoms

A charity has urged people in their 40s to ensure they use condoms to protect themselves from contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Thames Valley Positive Support (TVPS) has warned that many older individuals are putting themselves at risk due to a relaxed attitude towards protection.

Jessica Harding, TVPS client support manager, said: "There are generations of people for whom sex education concentrated on not getting pregnant as opposed to the dangers of HIV and STIs."

She suggested that individuals who have been in long-term relationships may not "feel comfortable" using condoms with a new partner.

The TVPS commented that it believes women in particular are putting themselves at risk.

In a bid to promote safe sex, the charity handed out 400 condoms to passers-by in Queen Street on Friday night (December 3rd).

TVPS was founded in 1985 and provides support to 500 people living with HIV in Berkshire.

The group receives on average two referrals a week and aims to raise awareness in the community.