Over 50s from Floridians 'are not using condoms'

Individuals over 50 in Florida may want to consider buying condoms online to prevent them from catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

This is because, according to data provided by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, there was a 43 per cent increase in the cases of syphilis and chlamydia between 2005 and 2009 for people in this age bracket, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The news provider added this is reflective of a nationwide increase in STIs for those who are over 50.

Dr Jason Salagubang, a geriatrician on the staff at Florida Hospital, noted loneliness due to losing their partners may be one of the reasons for failure to use protection.

"They're living in retirement communities with others in the same boat and sparks fly," he added.

It comes after it emerged an iPhone app is to be rolled out in Philadelphia that will help people locate the nearest place they can buy condoms.