Over-50s should wear condoms when having sex

Older individuals who are starting new relationships may want to consider wearing condoms when having sex.

It comes after an article in the Daily Mail reported on the increased number of over-50s who are having relations with new partners.

They need to remember that there is still a risk of sexually transmitted infections and so prophylactic devices should be used at all times.

Christine, a 62-year-old divorcee, told the news provider she jumped into bed with her now husband Chris after only one date.

"It was a risk - after all, I had only recently met this man and he was effectively a stranger. But I felt like there was an immediate connection between us," she added.

For people who are having carnal relations with multiple partners, precautions should be high on their agenda.

It comes after the Marlborough Times reported that sex educator Alison Stewart-Piere told women's health section of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation of the need to be safe when having sex.