NHS criticised over 'sexist' contraceptive adverts

Image credit: iStock/Highwaystarz-Photography An NHS trust has come under fire after using two adverts promoting free contraceptives during the summer holidays. Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust had aimed the campaign at teenagers and young people and wanted to promote the fact that condoms are available via doctors' surgeries and clinics, while emergency contraception can also be taken effectively several hours after unprotected sex. However, it wasn't the message behind the ads that was called […]

Man needs special new tool to remove sex toy from rectum

Image credit: iStock/Moussa81 It's been a while since we've reported any 'sex toy stuck up bottom' stories, and we thought perhaps people had finally got the message that you need to be careful when putting foreign bodies in there. Not so. The British Medical Journal has issued a fascinating new report all about how a man in Italy ended up making medical history when he arrived at hospital to admit he had a bit of a problem. The story unfolded at the ASST Great Metropolitan Hospital in […]

Want to power through your to-do list? Have sex first!

Image: iStock/vgajic If you'd like to feel more productive during your working day, then you might want to ditch the coffee and mid-morning sugary snacks and start having sex in the mornings. That's the discovery of a new survey by review site Mattress Advisor, which polled nearly 1,000 of its partnered, cohabiting web users on their morning habits and how they tend to feel during their working day. Each person was quizzed about the order in which they do things like showering, drinking coffee […]

Bring back the test card? No TV equals more sex, study finds

Image: iStock/gilaxia We're now used to having TVs in more than one room of the house - and there are always devices like tablets and laptops for streaming if there is no actual set. However, it seems that this desire for constant entertainment is harming our sex lives because people are actually chilling after Netflix rather than, you know, doing 'Netflix and chill'. A study of almost four million people from 80 countries taking part in the Demographic and Health Surveys found that couples […]

Are you ditching sex for a scroll through your phone?

Image: iStock/AnaBGD Bedtime used to be a time to switch off, reconnect with your partner - and maybe even indulge in some intimate fun together after a busy day. However, new research has shown that the humble smartphone could be coming between couples, because they can't bring themselves to switch it off or leave it outside the bedroom for even a night. A poll carried out by Asurion on 2,000 adults who live with a spouse or partner discovered that the number one activity people participated […]

Have sex and add meaning to your life

Image: iStock/Drezen_ Having sex could help you feel as though your life is more meaningful. This might sound dramatic, but it's the discovery of a new survey by researchers at George Mason University in the US. The team recruited 152 college students and asked them to keep a record of their sexual behaviour in the form of a daily diary, including their emotions and feelings, for three weeks. Each diary was then assessed for positive feelings, mood and how meaningful people generally rated […]

Australian scientists create new type of condom

Image: iStock/Brasil2 Australian scientists believe they have created the condom of the future, designed to feel like the wearer has nothing on at all. Eudeamon Technologies won a share of a multi-million dollar grant from the Australian government aimed at supporting medtech innovators trying to get their ideas and inventions off the ground. It used the money to create condoms made from 'hydrogel', a material so like human skin that it should feel almost undetectable. The condoms were already […]

How people aren't having sex as often as you think

Image: iStock/PeopleImages It's easy to assume, particularly if you aren't in a regular sexual relationship yourself at the moment, that other people are having far more sex than you are. They're probably at it every night while you catch up on repeats of Eastenders, right? Wrong. Actually, other people are not likely to be having intercourse anywhere near as frequently as you think. According to a new study by King's College London, we tend to have extremely skewed perceptions of the sex […]

Official advice is not to reuse condoms. No kidding

Image credit: iStock/matt_benoit It's great to have concern about the environment, particularly at a time when plastic use is a major worry. However, there are times when it's possible to take that devotion a little too far - let's just say there are things you should absolutely not be recycling. If you're wondering what we're talking about, we're referring to the recent news that American organisation the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued advice stating that condoms should not be […]

Andrea McLean opens up about post-menopause sex

Image: devonyu via iStock The menopause is one of those things that we Brits aren't too brilliant at talking frankly about. We call it 'the change' as though it's some kind of mutation in a superhero film, and it's seen as taboo to discuss it in polite conversation. But it's something that will affect every woman - and with some going through the menopause relatively early in life (sometimes even in their twenties), isn't it time all this changed to reflect modern society? Shouldn't we be […]