Parents 'buying condoms for holiday-bound teenagers'

Worried parents are buying condoms for their teenage children before they head abroad on their own for the first time.

This is according to new research from Sainsbury's Pharmacy, which revealed mums are purchasing contraception for their kids as they are concerned about the raunchy antics the youngsters may get up to overseas.

The findings suggest parents are concerned unwanted pregnancies could be on the cards should their grown-up children engage in sexual activities on holiday without protection, while sexually-transmitted infections represent a serious risk for those who do not use condoms.

Contraception was found to be just one of the items parents are sending their offspring away with over the summer months, with suncream, aftersun, aspirin and mosquito repellent also in high demand.

Ketan Bhatt, a pharmacist at Sainsbury's, noted: "Left to their own devices young travellers are the worst offenders when it comes to looking after themselves abroad."