Parents 'more relaxed' about kids' condom use

Buying condoms and having some fornicating fun was never so easy now that parents are apparently increasingly happy for their kids to maintain sexual relationships.

According to a study, published to mark the DVD release of 20th Century Fox's Modern Family, Londoners are the most relaxed when it comes to their offspring donning flavoured condoms or similar, with 21 per cent saying they are content for their kids to start having sex at 13.

However, on a national scale, parents tended to agree that the legal age limit of 16 is an appropriate time to begin such partnerships.

Commenting on the findings, professor of sociology at the University of Kent Frank Furedi described the old-fashioned parent as a "cultural minority".

"As far as parents are concerned, sex, alcohol and even drugs are no longer no-go areas for their children," he remarked.

These results come after the Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that one in three US teenagers not in monogamous relationships wear condoms when having sex.