Image credit: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports Image credit: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

A pensioner has had to undergo emergency treatment after misusing a sex toy. The 68-year-old man sought out medical help after getting a large dildo stuck up his bum.

The man had reportedly used the sex toy on his own and made the mistake of inserting the entire thing, which meant it got completely stuck. He then spent ten hours trying to remove the object, which measured 23cm long, on his own.

It is not clear what the circumstances were that led to this incident, as the case happened last December but has only just come to light as it was reported on in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports. The man went to the A and E department of Mater Hospital in Dublin after failing to extract the sex toy on his own.

According to the report, after the object got stuck he was unable to pass urine, was suffering abdominal discomfort and could not produce bowel movements.

Doctors first attempted to manually remove the object, but when it became clear that this would not work - partially due to the patient's worsening symptoms - the decision was made to place the man under anaesthetic.

Doctors placed the pensioner under general anaesthesia and then used a pair of forceps to remove the dildo.

This case highlights how important it is to use sex toys safely and correctly. If you are using an anal dildo, you should ensure that you do not put the entire object inside. This is because the muscles of the anus create a unique sucking sensation that can result in your sex toy going too far in for you to remove it.

If you have not used a sex toy for anal play before, it is a good idea to start off slow. Use plenty of lubricant and only insert your toy in partway. Once your confidence grows, you can experiment with what you like, but safety should always be in the back of your mind.