Pensioners 'need sex education' in Oxford

Individuals in their 70s and 80s in Oxford are not taking safe sex seriously and wearing condoms.

According to the Oxford Mail, pensioners in their 80s are being treated for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Because of this, NHS Oxfordshire is launching a scheme that will see seek to educate the over 45s about the important of taking the proper precautions.

Jackie Sherrard, lead consultant in genitourinary medicine at Oxford's Churchill Hospital, said: "Many feel they no longer need contraception because they are no longer fertile, so they don't think about using a condom in the same way younger people do."

Dr Jonathan McWilliam, the director of public health for NHS Oxfordshire, told the news provider people need to remember they only have to have sex without a condom once to end up with an STI.

Lisa Power, policy director at Terrence Higgins Trust, recently said people have to use condoms when they are having sex.