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It seems that people are becoming more open to the idea of having intercourse with robots, or at least that's what a new survey would have us believe. According to the research, one in five British people would have sex with a robot, with one in three happy to go on a date with a droid.

VoucherCodesPro asked 2,816 sexually active 18-year-olds in the UK about what they would and wouldn't do with a robot. Those who said they would have sex with a droid were asked why they would.

Around 72 per cent of those open to the idea said they would because a robot would be good at it. Some 28 per cent said that it would be a new experience that they would want to try.

This most recent survey follows on from research from futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, which suggests that by 2050, sex with robots will become more commonplace than sex with other humans.

Dr Pearson went on to say that the robots of the future will be made to look human and will use artificial intelligence. It is his view that sexbots will be classed as investments similar to cars, so people will be happy to spend thousands on them.

"Most people will obviously buy androids that they think are attractive and even sexy, and some will be bought specifically because of that," he said.

"With the advanced AI they will have, even functionally targeted androids will become valued members of the home, and people will form strong emotional bonds with them.

"Some people will buy their robots with sex as a key purpose.

"Others will find that they become sexually attracted to them later, but either way, sex with very smart and sexually attractive androids will become common, very common."

Would you consider getting intimate in the bedroom with a robot?