People at Commonwealth Games used 640 condoms a day

Safe sex seems to have been practiced at the Commonwealth Games Village.

This is because it has been revealed that 640 condoms were used every 24 hours during the 11-day period, the Press Trust of India reports.

The Health Directorate of Delhi Government has revealed 7,680 condoms were given out to the athletes and officials during the sporting extravaganza.

It could mean those taking part in the game were looking after themselves by using the prophylactic device.

Some 3,300 condom vending machines were installed prior to the event, which saw nearly 6,000 people stay in Delhi and various initiatives were designed to encourage safe sex between the competitors.

The 19th Commonwealth Games ran from October 3rd to the 14th and Australia was the country that took the most medals, ending up with 177, including 74 golds.

Host nation India finished second with 101, the first time they had breached the 100 mark.