People 'don't know' how to use XL condoms

Some may assume that wearing condoms is an innate behaviour, but - according to new research - this is incorrect, as many people often fail to leave room at the tip as directed or put them on the wrong side up.

Scientists at The Kinsey Institute and The Kinsey Institute Condom Use Research Team also found that buying condoms that are not the right size can lead to breakage, the product slipping off, loss of erection, removal before sex is over or prophylactics not being used at all.

William Yarber, senior director of the Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention, said people need to learn to utilise them properly.

"Condom use should be like practicing for a sporting event or a musical event - the practice needs to be done," he remarked.

Isadora Alman of recently offered some helpful advice for putting on condoms, recommending trying a number of brands to find the perfect fit.