People in Bradford 'have the most sex'

The people of Bradford appear to have been rampantly making their way through condom packets after a new survey revealed the city's residents are the horniest in the UK.

Carried out by Dulux, the survey found those living in West Yorkshire typically have sex around 66 times a year.

This works out as significantly more than the national average of 42 and means individuals from Bradford get busy between the sheets almost three times as much as those who call Ipswich home.

The paint firm conducted the poll in order to see whether or not a couple's bedroom antics might be spiced up with a change of colour to the walls.

Letty Edwards from the company said: "By transforming people's bedrooms, we'll be able to see the effect decorating can have both aesthetically and emotionally."

The expert noted paint could be an easy way to transform a love nest and has the ability to create an emotional effect to boost relationships.