People 'like to watch celebrity sex tapes'

People enjoy watching celebrity sex tapes because they give them the "ultimate voyeuristic high".

This is according to Jackie Martin, spokeswoman for Vivid Entertainment, who added individuals love to see how the stars get on in the most intimate of situations, which may include the wearing of condoms.

"Celebrities having wild and enthusiastic sex has helped make 'public' sex more acceptable for the rest of us," she wrote in her blog.

Those who have managed to gain fame off the back of videoed romps include Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Kendra Wilkinson.

Martin observed the "candid-camera nature" of the recordings means they are often able to get past any embarrassing revelations.

As the majority of people have not intended for the sex tapes to be leaked in the first place, they can usually drum up some sympathy from the public.

One person who is garnering a lot of attention for his behaviour at the minute is actor Charlie Sheen.