People may be reducing condom use in the UK

There could be a rise in unwanted pregnancies as one retail giant has revealed sales of condoms have fallen in its stores.

Tesco has revealed there has been a 2.6 per cent drop in sales over the last few months, which represent the first time there has been a fall in over a decade.

Because of this, the chances of sexually transmitted infections could increase as individuals may not be taking the correct precautions.

One solution for people would be to buy condoms online, as this will also allow for anonymity for those who do not feel confident enough to go into a shop.

The report also discovered there has been a boom in purchases of home pregnancy kits, with 3.5 million shipped in 2010.

Individuals from Essex were found to be most likely to buy one of theses testers, which could indicate the need for better sex education in that area.