People 'prefer sex to using their phone'

Despite the increasing popularity and improving technology of mobile phones, it appears people still prefer bedroom action to playing with the devices.

Consumers could be more willing to buy condoms ahead of apps after an Ipsos poll for Reuters revealed nearly 80 per cent of respondents would rather give up their phone than go without sex.

Keren Gottfried, research manager of the independent market researcher, noted: "When people are forced to choose between two important things, a picture is drawn about values and priorities."

However, the favouring of knocking knees over handheld gadgetry was not universal, with people in Asia-Pacific regions less likely than their Latin American counterparts to choose hanky panky ahead of phone calls.

The research also showed that the majority of individuals around the world would be more willing to rid themselves of their phone rather than their computer, while most would opt for television instead of social networking.