People 'should talk about using condoms'

People need to spend more time talking about how they use condoms when having sex, one expert has claimed.

James Warriner, clinical director at the Terrence Higgins Trust, said the more discussion there is around the topic of protected intercourse, the less embarrassed individuals will be by it.

He added if there is an increased level of openness around the issue, then participants will be more likely to use condoms when having carnal relations.

"Some people haven't got the knowledge about some sexual practices and they may put themselves in a risky position through ignorance [and] lack of knowledge," Mr Warriner observed.

The need for action is evident as the specialist remarked that cases of sexually transmitted infections - such as syphilis and chlamydia - are on the rise.

His comments follow on from a report by Bright Grey, which found sex, death and money are the least favourite topics for conversation in the family home.