People visit GUM clinic due to poor sexual practices?

Some 193,580 people visited a GUM clinic in the UK during March, newly-released research has found.

This is equivalent to 8,417 individuals per working day and shows a drop from those looked at in February, figures from the Department of Health have revealed.

One of the reasons that individuals may be going along to these institutions is that they are not taking enough care over their sexual health by using precautions such as condoms.

The number of Britons who went to a clinic for the first time in March was 136,250, which represents a drop in numbers from the previous month.

It comes after it was also announced that the abortion rate in England and Wales in 2010 was 189,574.

The Terrence Higgins Institute was recently given over £203,000 in grants and the money will be spent educating youngsters about the need to use contraception when having intercourse, in an effort to reduce sexually transmitted infections.