People 'want to get with savvy spenders'

People who pride themselves on being savvy with their money may want to splash out on condom purchases before heading on a night out.

New research from the Money Advice Service has shown that individuals in these times of economic uncertainty are increasingly being drawn to members of the opposite sex who are good at keeping track of their cash.

It was shown that 59 per cent of survey respondents find the ability to budget an attractive quality, which is markedly more than the 36 per cent who prefer someone who is able to splash out occasionally.

In addition, the findings revealed 72 per cent of those questioned would delay starting a serious relationship if they did not think their prospective partner was competent at money management.

A further 34 per cent admitted a person's reckless attitude towards spending would be the biggest turnoff, while 23 per cent cited the fact the other person may be an impulsive buyer.