People who wait 'may not have safer sex in long run'

Teaching abstinence to children will not result in them having safe sex - such as using condoms - in later life, newly-released research has claimed.

According to a study carried out in the University of South Florida - which was established in 1960 - by psychologist Marina A Bornovalova and colleagues, individuals are not necessarily more likely to have protected intercourse if they start at a later date.

In terms of casual factors such as multiple partners, drug and alcohol use during sexual encounters, it does not appear to matter when people fornicate for the first time.

"You take two twins who share 100 per cent of their genes. One has sex at 15 and one at 20. You compare them on risk-taking at 24 - and they don't differ," Ms Bornovalova observed.

The findings will be published in the next issue of Psychological Science, which is a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.