People who work away 'have a better sex life'

People who work away from home have a better sex life than those who sleep next to each other every night. 

This is according to new research from Blue Rainbow Aparthotels, which revealed couples who spend at least one night a month apart due to job commitments get amorous with their partner more often as a consequence, the Daily Mail reports.

It seems these couples need to stock up on condoms when one of them goes away, as seven out of ten get down and dirty the night before they head off on business, with 67 per cent doing the same upon their return.

A total of 2,007 couples took part in the survey - and it was found that 54 per cent of those questioned find it a big turn-on to be reunited with their other half after a period apart.

Will Hannah, managing director of Blue Rainbow Aparthotels, said: "It's only natural for lovers to behave in this way when faced with separation, so we're glad we're able to help spread the love."