People with genital herpes symptoms 'should get checked out'

People who notice they have symptoms of genital herpes should be sure to get themselves checked out.

Catching this sexually transmitted infection can occur when individuals first have sex with a new partner and Nigel Scott, information officer at the Herpes Viruses Association - which works to help those with the herpes simplex virus, but highlights it as a widespread skin complaint - noted around 80 per cent of the telling signs tend to be trivial.

Mr Scott explained those who have intercourse with a new lover should always practice safe sex, including using condoms, observing symptoms might vary for different people.

While some individuals can catch the disease and never notice anything awry, others will find a shaving rash, spots or irritation from time to time and get diagnosed with herpes.

Mr Scott added there is more stigma around genital herpes than there is surrounding the facial variety because the former is transmitted by sexual means.