Peta dresses up as large condoms

It may seem a little strange to some, but animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has dressed up as large condoms to raise awareness of the necessity of spaying and neutering pets.

A couple of members took to the Cincinnati streets in their extra large condoms costumes, carrying signs reading Dogs Can't Use Condoms: Spay and Neuter! And Condoms Won't Work: Fix Your Cat.

Such a move could very well be necessary as studies have estimated that between six and eight million kitties and pooches are taken in by animal shelters each year, of which up to four million are put to sleep.

What's more, Peta has found that, over a period of six years, one unfixed bitch and her offspring can produce some 60,000 pups so action may very well need to be taken.

"If cats and dogs could wear condoms, millions of animals would be spared from suffering and death," said Virginia Port, campaigner.