Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancey to use condoms on honeymoon?

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancey may have packed more than a few condoms as they jetted off for a romantic honeymoon.

The newlyweds have flown to Ibiza to enjoy their first steps into marriage - and the getaway is likely to see plenty of bedroom action.

Kissing and canoodling as they made their way on to a luxury yacht, the couple appeared engrossed in each other as they held hands.

The boat - named Darlin' - took the pair out to sea, where they had the privacy to really enjoy one-another's company.

They wed last week at the Stapleford Park hotel in Leicestershire, with the 25-year-old model wearing a sexy strapless gown and her professional footballer lover sporting a dapper black suit.

Another celebrity couple who may be currently making use of plenty of condoms is Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, as the supermodel and the rocker recently tied the knot at a ceremony in the Cotswolds.